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Russian Scientists Reveal Photos of Extraterrestrial Fossil Microorganism

Russian Scientists Reveal Photos of Extraterrestrial Fossil Microorganism

In a stunning announcement, Russian scientists have shared images of fossilised alien microorganisms, including a single-celled seaweed

Orgueil meteorite

Just one day after the revelation that phosphine gas has been identified in the atmosphere of Venus, strongly suggesting living colonies of bacteria, a new story is taking us further towards confirmation of extraterrestrial life.

A team of scientists from the Paleontology Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) claim “indisputable” evidence of alien life has been identified. The fossils were imaged inside a meteorite that is suspected to be even older than our own planet.

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Life Found on Venus -Swamp Gas & UFOs

What might the discovery of a bio-signature on our sister planet mean for the search for extraterrestrial intelligence?

November 20th, 1952 brought about the first contact between the resident humanoids of Venus and their Earth based ambassador, George Adamski of Palomar Mountain, California. Adamski successfully established telepathic communication with the human-like Venusian representative, Orthon. At least this was the claim soon to become famous around the world.

Details of the inaugural meeting between Adamski and Orthon have now become a matter of ufology pop-culture history. The communion itself centred on dire warnings regarding Earth’s growing nuclear weapons programs. Upon his departure Orthon left behind a set of footprints which incorporated several mysterious symbols, the only trace of scientific evidence that any encounter with a Venusian had occurred.

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A team of psychologists from the University of Cádiz have added their criticisms of S.E.T.I. methodology to those of a growing number of scientists

Some of you may know the psychological experiment in which viewers are asked to watch a video showing a group of people passing a ball around and attempt to count the passes, at one stage during the video a man wearing a gorilla suit walks through the scene. A great many people are so intensely focused on the details of what they have been expecting to see, a ball being passed around, that they fail to notice the man in the gorilla suit.

Now, a team of researchers from Spain have voiced concerns that humanity’s attempts to track down advanced alien life are being derailed by the same type of psychological blindness. The team suggest that astronomers are so focussed on detecting intelligent beings through non-earthly radio signals that they are likely to miss signs of life manifesting themselves in dimensions that typically escape our perception, perhaps through quantum phenomena, higher dimensional physics or even dark energy.

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